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AcadArena Buff Application

Welcome to the AcadArena Buff Application Form! Buffs are no longer limited to only Alliance Network Clubs, and you're here because you're interested in finding ways to support one of your upcoming student or campus event, and we're here to help you.

🛍️ If you're checking what available Buffs there are, as well as the requirements for availing them, check out the Buff Marketplace.

🤔 If you have any questions regarding the AcadArena Buffs Program, you can learn more about it here.

🌟 If you are an AcadArena Alliance Member Organization, you should be filling up the form linked under General Guides in the Alliance Discord which Alliance members have access to. If not, continue on!

Kindly input the name of your club/organization, as well as the full name of your campus. If your campus has branches, kindly include which campus branch you are from as well.

Who will we coordinate with for this Buff?