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AI & Agile Community

Join us and let us all learn AI & Agile together.

Reimagine Agile: An Adaptive Movement for Action

Join our movement to explore how AI enhances Agile - and guide progress to benefit humanity. Agile must evolve for the AI era. Narrow rules won't navigate change. But together, we'll shape the future through shared learning and purposeful action.


  • Develop principles and practices for human-centric AI
  • Discover how AI augments Agile methods to serve people
  • Pioneer an adaptive, collaborative model for progress
  • Ensure diversity and ethics in creating new technology


  • Share stories and studies on AI's role in Agile
  • Co-create guidelines for responsible AI development
  • Discuss challenges and experiment with new ways of working
  • Form task forces to explore key issues
  • Advance ideas for inclusive policies, programs and tools

Who: Forward-thinkers across roles - let's collaborate for shared interests.

Join us to:

  • Learn how AI enhances Agile practices to benefit humanity
  • Guide how technology impacts and empowers people
  • Pioneer a vision for adaptive, people-centered innovation
  • Make the future together - create by create, for the common good

The time is now. Reimagine AI and Agile. Shape what's next for all.

No set paths, just the will to progress together. Lend your voice, skills and insight to lead change. Let's navigate this new frontier through collaboration and action.

The movement is here. Together, we'll shape the future through discovery, community, and purpose.

Will you join in envisioning and building an exciting new era for AI and Agile? One crafted by and for people, not technology alone. Join - and be part of making that vision real through action.

Your decision today will impact how we progress tomorrow. Make your mark - guide Agile and AI's future! The journey starts here. Together, let's reimagine progress.