Application for START Nuremberg

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in joining START Nuremberg! We are a community of aspiring students, equipping ourselves with the knowledge and network required to become Future Entrepreneurs We encourage you to fill out this form to become part of our community. If you meet our criteria, you will hear from us in the next few days regarding the next steps.

This form consists of 3 sections:

1. Your background and motivation

2. Department specialized question (please respond to 1-2 department questions according to your top preference)

3. Creative question

As a student organization driven by entrepreneurship, we embrace diverse mindsets and backgrounds, whether in economics, business, design, law, or beyond. We believe that a truly exceptional team thrives on diversity. So, don't feel discouraged if some questions pertain to entrepreneurial thinking; feel empowered to apply your expertise from your respective field. And remember, it's fine if you're just starting on your journey. We want everyone, regardless of their background, to feel included and valued.

Note: Motivation and Commitment are our main pillars, so we ask for an application form and set up a small semester fee to encourage our members to contribute more and provide them with better events and workshops Please note that joining START Nuremberg entails a minimum commitment of one year.