Hareruya Pantry Celebration Cake Order Form

Hello there! Special days call for a Celebration Cake from Hareruya Pantry...

💡 Please note the following:

0: PICK-UP ONLY FROM HARERUYA PANTRY. If the next payment page asks for your "shipping address", please fill out to go forth but we will process this order as a pick-up order. Sorry for the confusion!

1: We require 2 days minimum notice.

2: Your order will not be processed unless it is prepaid in full (please proceed to payment at the end of this order form).

3: We cannot give you a refund for changing your order within 24 hours of pick-up.

For enquiries, please email us on hello@hareruya.com.au.

Classic Strawberry Shortcake

Apple and Earl Grey Shortcake

3 days minimum notice / no pick-ups on Public Holiday / no delivery service

Limit of 6 words