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Cere Bounties Submission

Completed a Cere Bounty?

Answer the following questions to submit your update.

The Cere Community team will review your submission and get back to you within 24-72h with any questions and further information about your submission.

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Use the same email provided when you registered.

Add a link to your new Cere On-chain Analytics Dashboard.

The estimated amount of USD required to complete this project.

Your proposal should include at least the following sections:

Project Description

* Brief overview.

* How the project relates to Cere Ecosystem.

* Why your team is interested.

About the Team

* Team lead and other team contacts, roles and responsibilities.

* Brief description of past experiences.

Project Roadmap

* Brief description of what has been done already.

* Summary of project milestones and deliverables, with estimated time and cost expected to complete each milestone, or any other resources required.

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Share your proposal in document form, or attach an additional resource that can help the Cere Grant team understand your proposal better.

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