Ecosystemic AI Working Group

Welcome! This is the registration form for the Ecosystemic AI Working Group meeting quarterly to showcase work and engage in productive conversations across applied projects, civil society and community organizers, policymakers, researchers, and AI builders passionate about the intersection of AI and Earth's ecosystems.

We plan to focus on (1) conceptualizing and measuring environmental sustainability and justice dimensions of the material resource flows of AI systems and their computational infrastructure, (2) considerations in the way AI is used in environmental projects, and (3) more radical proposals for how AI could be better aligned with making kin in a more-than-human world.

The group was started following discussions from our ACM FAccT paper - Algorithms as Social-Ecological-Technological Systems: an Environmental Justice lens on Algorithmic Audits in collaboration with Roel Dobbe, Assistant Professor - Technology, Policy & Management at Delft University of Technology. Read a summary blog post about it here.

Organizers - Bogdana Rakova and Kiito Shilongo

Thank You!

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