Flashbots Whitehat intake form

Before you go any further:

1) We will never ask you for your private key or seed phrase in a web form or website. A white hat may request your private key later, ensure you only interact with Flashbots discord members with "whitehat", "whitehat-associate", or "serv.eth" role.

2) We won't be able to help with rescues below $1000, the gas costs + engineering costs dwarf the value of the rescuable assets

3) We can only rescue funds that were missed by scammer or time-delay locked, funds are already in the scammer's possession we won't be able to get back

Standard conditions:

  • we ask that you cover the gas costs needed to pay the miners for your rescue. (tx fees)
  • 5 -10% fee of your bounty should the rescue be successful depending on the complexity and funds at risk.
  • We do not help any user looking to retrieve assets from a private key they acquired.
  • read all of the below

Who are we?

We are a group of whitehats organized by Flashbots that help users recover funds leftover from hackers.


  • By completing this form, you assume all liabilities (legal and others) that may come with a failed rescue.
  • While we will try our best, there is no certainty that your assets will be recovered. Publicly posting about your issue often leads to scammers reaching out to scam you again.

Getting started:

  • Fill out the form below
  • Join the Flashbots discord
  • Wait for someone with the whitehat role to contact you and add you to a whitehat discord channel.

Be careful not to get re-scammed, especially if you have posted about your issue publicly.

Make up a word or phrase to ensure the white hat you will be talking to has access to this form (and not an impersonator). NOT YOUR SEED PHRASE!
Including the # + four numbers. This value can be found in the lower-left corner of Discord app. Clicking it will copy to clipboard