KTiL Notion Package Options Form

Select the package that suits the work that you need to be performed to enhance your Notion workspace.

Package Options:

  1. 60 min Workshop = $125 [(1) hour session where I will help you build out and customize your Notion workspace.]
  2. Customized Notion Workspace = $400 [Consists of (1) customized home dashboard with customized pages, databases, and database views tailored to your personal needs. Includes (2) 60 minute workshop sessions where we can collaborate to make sure your workspace fits your needs.]
  3. Workspace Partnership = $250 per month (min 3 month partnership) [To help you with your Notion workspace, I can provide: 1. scheduled office hours 2. Monthly audits, cleanup, and recommendations 3. Updates about new Notion features and how they can apply to your workspace. 4. Implementing new Notion features.]
  4. 1 Month Workspace Partnership = $500 [This partnership includes a weekly one hour workshop (for four weeks) to help you build out and structure your Notion workspace for a project. This includes personal access to me to help you problem solve any issues you have in your workspace.]
Please be specific in what you need so I can come up with a package that fits your personal needs. Thanks!
When would you like this project to start?
When do you need this project to be completely finished?
What type of budget do you have? What type of accommodations do you need?

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