Looker Studio Resources

As part of Looker Studio Masterclass, I'm creating a curated directory of quality resources related to Looker Studio, Big Query, data visualization and related concepts.

If you have or know of a great resource, you can submit it using the form on this page to be reviewed and be considered for publication in the directory.

A resource can be an online tool, a software, a data connector, a visualization, a report template, an article, a checklist, SQL queries, custom GPTs, etc., free or paid.

Multiple people use this form to submit resources. This is an internal field help us identify who has submitted this resource. This won't be published on the resource page.

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If you're submitting a new type of resource that is not found in the list, please feel free to add it.

Enter the name of the person or company (or both) that have created and owns the resource.

The URL to a publicly accessible web page that has information about the resource and how to access it. E.g. the home page, a landing page, a product page, etc.

Is the resource free, paid, or has both a free and paid tiers?

If the resource is free and there's a public link to access the resource directly (for example there's a link to the actual Looker Studio template to make a copy), please enter it here.

What other tool, platform, or concept this resource is related to?

For example, a Google Search Console template is related to SEO (concept), and Google Search Console (tool). A Facebook Ads template is related to Facebook Ads (tool) and Paid Ads (concept).

If you can't find the tool or concept in the list, please feel free to add it.

Describe what the resource is about in one or two short paragraphs.

It can be a summary of what the author has shared on the resource landing page. Please make sure to correctly and accurately describes the resource, this will expedite the process of reviewing and publishing the resource.

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Size limit: 10MB per file

If there are images on the resource landing page that can be used to show what the resource is or how does it look like, please upload them here. Otherwise you can upload a screenshot of the landing page above the fold, or the logo of the resource. Feel free to upload multiple images. It's not guaranteed that all images will be published on the resource page.

If you have any message for the person who reviews the resource (e.g. how to get access to test the resource if it's not publicly available), or any feedback about this form or resource directory, please feel free to enter here. This information is, of course, private and won't be shared in the directory.