TPP Recruiting 2024

This question looks to evaluate your writing style as well as how you follow directions. Answers less than 6 sentences long will be disregarded

Without using AI, write a scene for the following prompt.

Cozy Mystery (write in third person past tense):

Emma arrives at the county fair's annual baking contest, where she plans to compete her perfect apple pie. She and Heather, her baking rival, get into a heated exchange just outside the kitchen. Emma stalks off, going to check and fill out her information before she rushes into the kitchen. But she's stopped dead in her tracks. Heather lies motionless on the floor beside a spilled bowl of cake batter. Emma races to her side, but it's too late. The kitchen knife lodged in Heather's back tells Emma one thing: this is now a murder scene. Panicked, Emma realizes she was the last to see Heather alive and it looks like she has motive.

Without using AI, write a scene for the following prompt.

Paranormal Romance (write in third person past tense):

Garrett races in wolf form through the dark forest, following the scent of his human mate, Amelia, now tainted with the stench of fear. Bursting into a moonlit clearing, he finds Amelia cowering from another wolf shifter. Garrett leaps between them, shifting forms mid-air to slam into the attacker, fangs bared. Amelia stumbles back, crying out in shock as Garrett shields her with his body, confronting the threat head-on, ready to lay down his life to protect his destined mate even if she didn't want him. Yet. An epic fight ensues between the two wolf shifters.

Without using AI, write a scene for the following prompt.

Contemporary Romance (write in first person present tense):

Jason stormed through the building doors, his usual calm demeanor shaken. As CEO of his family's billion-dollar tech empire, he was used to handling pressure. Through the phone, he was barking orders as he passed by Ava's desk. He didn't bother to spare her a glance as he moved behind his desk, but he glared when she entered his office anyway. He hung up the phone, snapping at her. As always, she snapped back, the tension rising between them as they bickered. Create a tension filled cliff-hanger for this enemies to lovers scenario.

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