Seed & Soul Society Meal Distro Committee Nominations

It takes many different people with various skills and strengths to ensure the smooth operation of our Meal Distro program. We encourage participation from all members of the local community to shape the direction and methods of Meal Distro in the city and its role in the greater community.

The Meal Distro Committee is a sub-committee of Seed & Soul Society.

If you are interested in participating in the Meal Distro by taking on a role on the committee fill out this form.


  • Set regular meetings (monthly, quarterly)
  • Outline tasks and time commitment; maintain a calendar/timeline for activities.
  • Plan Meal Distro’s
  • Establish a plan for ongoing hot & ready frozen meal preparation for volunteers (including summer harvesting & winter Distro’s)
  • Advocate and pursue ongoing funding for the free meals.
  • Build strong accountability among current members and recruiting new members.
  • Seek grants, and/or organize fundraisers to help cover meal preparation & food expenses
  • Identify and leverage community resources and volunteers in supporting the Meal Distro
  • Community outreach in PR, including Meal Distro, updates, and events via newsletter, Garden bulletin, boards, newsletters, etc.
  • Develop a way to evaluate the success of the project in order to identify strengths and weaknesses that will affect sustainability.

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