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This form is specifically for brands that want to reach out about sponsorships. If your message is outside the bounds of this, please use the Fan Mail / Other form located here.

Reed's Audience Overview

US Tornado Season Growth

The U.S. Tornado Season is a period nearly non-stop chasing for Reed, and translates into strong growth for all of his social accounts.

As of 4/25/24 Reed's -

YouTube - 938K subs (Video - 5.1M views)

Instagram - 8889K subs (Post - 11.5M impressions)

Facebook - 2.02M subs (Reel - 4.3M impressions)

TikTok - 230K subs (Post - 2M views)

X / Twitter - 725K followers (Post - 5.8M views)

TOTAL - 4.7 Million

Demographics and details can be provided at request. Past Partners include Allstate Insurance, FlexSeal, AG1, BetterHelp, Bosch, Line-X and more.

Sponsors in travel, food, automotive, health, and of course, weather are a natural fit for us!

Three Opportunities

Logo on Dominator 3

Dom 3 Picture

Dominator 3 is a tornado research tank that captures data inside tornadoes and was instrumental in Reed’s latest scientific paper.

It also makes an impression as it covers around 20 thousand miles across the U.S. during the storm season. It’s used on most chases in Tornado Alley, so it’ll be featured in the majority of Reed’s content during the storm season across all of his accounts (totalling over 4.6M subs/followers, etc).

Additionally - and this is a bonus that can't be understated - it could be in the content of any other influencer that we collaborate with, everyone who spots it out on the road and shares to their own socials.

See Dominator 3 in 3D here!

Sponsors will additionally receive their logo plate at the end of the partnership, complete with any tornado debris still stuck in it!

Livestream Sponsor

Livestream pic



Our livestream is the RED ZONE of Severe Weather. Reed, along with the best chasers in the world, stream their chases live as our host breaks down the stories in the vehicles and latest warnings on the storms, giving both excitement to casual viewers and much-needed warnings for those in the path.

In 2023, our livestreams received 13 million views on YouTube alone, and we expect that number to be over 20 million views this year. Additionally, we also stream to Facebook.

Livestream sponsors are done monthly and their logo will be visible for the entire stream.

Watch an Overview of our Livestreams

YouTube Integration

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Short "pods" with brands whose products we use, enjoy, and believe in have helped us boost production value while helping to spread the word!

See the AG1 spot here.

Other Sponsor

If you're interested in another type of sponsorship, we can accommodate that as well.

Thank you for your interest and NEVER STOP CHASING!

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