SuperRare Grants Application

To be used by you or your team to receive grant funds and non-transferable tokens documenting grants program participation.

Please describe your background and experience in relevant areas, and why you or your team are uniquely equipped to execute this project.
Describe your project at a high level, emphasizing what problems it will solve and why it matters to the SuperRare ecosystem in particular.
Please describe your progress to date. If available, links to white papers, pitch decks, code repos, and other documentation are encouraged.
Total amount, denominated in USD
This is a rough estimate. Please provide specifics below.
Provide a detailed summary that includes a timeline of the expected work, roadmap of key milestones, and an estimated budgetary breakdown.
Please be as specific as possible. This will be used, in part, to determine milestone completion.
Provide a realistic and specific account of risks which may prevent project success or result in unexpected outcomes.
If so, describe the status of these applications and link to them, if possible.
If not, please explain why. If you are not writing code, please describe how your project will benefit the community at large.

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