Add Videos, Embeds & Code

Add Videos, Embeds & Code

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NotionForms allows users to use code blocks to add various types of content to their forms. With code blocks, users can easily add videos, embeds, and custom code to their forms. This means that users can create interactive and engaging forms that provide a better user experience.

By using code blocks, users can easily add videos to their forms. This can be a great way to provide visual information to users, such as product demonstrations or instructional videos. Users can simply embed a video from a popular video hosting platform, such as YouTube or Vimeo, and it will automatically appear in the form.

Furthermore, code blocks can be used to add custom code to forms. This can be useful for advanced users who want to add custom functionality or design elements to their forms. For example, users can use custom code to create dynamic form fields that change based on user input. This allows users to create forms that are tailored to the specific needs of their business or organization. Overall, code blocks provide a versatile and powerful tool for users to enhance their forms with additional content and functionality.

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