Signature Input

Signature Input

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One of the great features of NotionForms is the ability to replace file uploads with a digital signature component. This allows users to easily and securely sign documents within the form, eliminating the need to download, print, and manually sign paper documents.

All of the signatures are stored as images and placed in the Notion submission database along with the rest of the form data. This means that users can easily view and access all of the signed documents in one place, without having to search through piles of paper or multiple digital folders.

Using the digital signature component in NotionForms can greatly streamline the process of obtaining signatures on important documents. It saves time and effort for both the user and the signee, and helps to ensure the security and integrity of the signed documents. So if you're a Notion user looking to improve your workflow and make the process of obtaining signatures more efficient, be sure to check out the digital signature component in NotionForms.

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