White label

White label

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The white-label version of NotionForms allows users to completely remove all branding and labels associated with NotionForms. This means that when using the white-label version of the form builder, there will be no mention of NotionForms anywhere on the forms.

Using the white-label version of NotionForms is a great way to integrate forms into your Notion setup while maintaining the look and feel of your own brand. With the white-label version, forms will appear as if they were created natively within Notion, without any external branding or labels.

To use the white-label version of NotionForms, simply select the option to remove branding during the setup process. Once this setting is enabled, all branding and labels associated with NotionForms will be removed from your forms. This allows you to seamlessly integrate forms into your Notion setup without disrupting the overall aesthetic of your workspace.

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