Write in Notion page body

Write in Notion page body

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With NotionForms, users can easily add custom inputs to their forms to collect the specific information they need. Instead of filling database columns or page properties, these inputs will populate the body of the Notion page created when the form is submitted. This allows users to create more detailed and personalized pages within their Notion databases.

For example, a user may create a form to collect feedback from their team. In addition to collecting basic information such as the team member's name and email address, the user can add custom inputs for the team member to provide detailed feedback on specific areas of the project. The input fields will appear in the form and the responses will be added to the body of the Notion page created for that submission.

This flexibility allows users to create forms that go beyond just collecting and storing data, and allows them to create pages with rich, detailed information. With NotionForms, users can easily create forms that are tailored to their specific needs and seamlessly integrate with their Notion databases.

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