Video Submission Contest Form
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Video Submission Contest Form

The Contest Video Submission Form is a user-friendly platform for submitting competition video entries, with all submissions conveniently cataloged directly into your Notion database.

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Contest Video Submission Form

Please fill out this form to submit your video to our contest. Make sure to provide a valid email address so we can contact you if you win. Good luck!

We will never share your email with anyone else.
Please provide a title for your video

Click to choose a file or drag here

Size limit: 10MB per file

Upload your video file here. Maximum size: 500MB
Tell us about your video

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This template is designed for video submission contests where users can submit their videos directly through this form. Perfect for any contest or competition where video submissions are required.

Why and When to Use this Form

Use this form when you wish to organize a video submission contest. It simplifies the process, by allowing participants to directly upload their videos. It's particularly useful for online contests where ease and accessibility are key factors for user participation.

The Target Audience and Why It's a Great Idea to Build this Form with Notion

This form is targeted towards event organizers who are planning to host a video submission contest. Notion's integration capabilities make it possible to automate the video submission process. It's a great idea to build this form with Notion because it enables you to keep all submissions in one location, making it easier to manage and assess submissions.

Why NoteForms is the Best Tool for Building This Form

NoteForms is an ideal tool for building this form because it allows you to duplicate this template in a few seconds. We even create the Notion database for you, where the form submissions will be placed. With NoteForms, you can streamline the process of collecting and managing submissions, making your contest a breeze to organize.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about this template.

When should I use this form template?
This form template should be used when you are planning to organize a video submission contest. It is perfect for events where participants need to upload their videos for the competition.
Why is this form template beneficial for Notion users?
This form is particularly advantageous for Notion users as it allows them to receive all form submissions directly in their Notion databases. This keeps all the organization data in one place, making it easier to manage.
Who is the target audience for this form template?
The target audience for this form template are event organizers who wish to streamline the process of video submission for their contests. It's also useful for any Notion user who wants to manage data efficiently.
Why should I choose NoteForms to create this form?
NoteForms is a great choice because it allows you to duplicate this form template in just a few seconds. It also automatically creates a Notion database for you, where the form submissions will be placed. This makes the process of collecting and managing submissions easier and more efficient.
What is the main goal of this form template?
The main goal of this template is to simplify the process of video submissions for contests. It automates the submission process, thus saving time and reducing the hassle for both organizers and participants.
Why is it a great idea to build this form with Notion?
Building this form with Notion is a great idea because it allows for an integrated and efficient way to manage submissions. Notion's capabilities enable you to keep all submissions in one location, making it easier to manage, organize and assess the entries.

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