People Fields Support

People Fields Support

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With NotionForms, people-type properties are fully supported. This means that when creating a form, users can include a field where respondents can select a user from the list of users within their Notion workspace. This is a useful feature for collecting information about specific individuals, such as assignees for a task or members of a team.

Not only does this make it easier for respondents to select the correct user, but it also ensures that the data is consistent and accurate. By using the people-type property, users can be confident that the information collected in the form will be properly linked to the correct user in their Notion database.

Additionally, the people-type property allows for seamless integration with other features in Notion. For example, users can set up automatic notifications to be sent to the selected user when a form is submitted, or they can use the information collected in the form to automatically populate other fields within their Notion workspace. This makes it easy for users to streamline their workflow and automate tasks within Notion. Overall, the support for people-type properties in NotionForms makes it a valuable tool for collecting and organizing information within Notion.

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