Relation Fields Support

Relation Fields Support

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NotionForms is a powerful tool for Notion users who want to create custom forms for their databases. One of the unique features of NotionForms is its support for relation columns. This means that form respondents can dynamically select entries from a related table when filling out a form.

For example, if you have a database of products and a separate database of vendors, you can create a form that allows users to select a vendor from the related table when they are submitting a new product. This helps to ensure that the data in your databases is accurate and consistent.

In addition to making it easier for form respondents to select related entries, the support for relation columns in NotionForms also allows you to create more complex forms that are better able to capture the information you need. This can be especially useful for businesses and organizations that have complex data structures and need to collect a wide range of information from their customers or users. Overall, the support for relation columns in NotionForms is a key feature that makes it a powerful and versatile form builder for Notion users.

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