Submission Confirmation Emails

Submission Confirmation Emails

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The Submission Confirmation Emails feature in NotionForms is a valuable tool for both form creators and respondents. After a respondent submits a form, they will receive a confirmation email to let them know that their submission was successful. This email can also include their responses as a reminder for their records.

This feature provides an additional layer of assurance and convenience for form respondents. They can easily reference their responses and confirm that their submission was received without having to navigate to the Notion database. Form creators can also benefit from this feature by reducing the number of duplicate submissions and ensuring that all responses are properly recorded.

Additionally, the Submission Confirmation Emails feature allows for custom branding and messaging to be included in the email. This allows form creators to maintain a consistent brand experience for their respondents and create a professional and organized impression. Overall, the Submission Confirmation Emails feature in NotionForms enhances the form experience for both creators and respondents.

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