Content Forms
Content Forms

Content Form Templates for Notion users

Optimize your content management with our content forms. Ideal for content creators, writers, editors. Store data directly in Notion.

Social Media Content Approval Form

Streamline social media content approval with this Notion-connected form template.

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Content Submission Form

Submit marketing materials directly into your Notion database with our Content Submission Form template.

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Entertainment Newsletter Subscription

Subscribe to our entertainment newsletter and receive updates directly in your Notion database.

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Alumni Yearbook Form

Capture and preserve alumni memories with our Notion-connected Graduation Yearbook Submission Form.

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Social Media Content Request Form

NoteForms' Social Media Content Request Form is a seamless solution for businesses to gather specific content requirements from their social media managers or marketing team, seamlessly integrating with their Notion database.

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Are you a content creator, writer, editor, or someone who deals with a lot of content? Our content form templates are designed to simplify your content management process. With content forms, you can gather information, get feedback, and manage your content effectively. The best part? All submissions are stored directly in your Notion databases, maintaining your current workflow without the need to switch between different platforms. Use a content form sample below and customize it to suit your needs.