Consent Forms
Consent Forms

Consent Form Templates for Notion users

Edit and manage powerful consent forms directly in your Notion databases. Ideal for healthcare, research, and more.

Model Release Form Template

Capture consent for using an individual's likeness in media with this connected Notion database Model Release Form.

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Medical Release Form

Grant medical release authorization and securely collect essential information with this Notion-connected form template.

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Comprehensive Church Membership Form

The Detailed Church Membership Form template facilitates comprehensive collection of member information, seamlessly integrating submissions directly into your Notion database for efficient record-keeping.

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Detailed Summer Camp Registration Form

Effortlessly register participants for your summer camp with our detailed form template, seamlessly integrating all submissions into your Notion database.

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Healthcare providers, researchers or any professional that requires consent, these Consent Form templates are designed for you. The smooth process of information collection is simplified with these forms. Consent forms help gather permission with various details needed. With NoteForms, you can keep all submissions in your Notion databases, maintaining your existing processes intact. Use a Consent Form sample below and customize to suit your requirements.