Alumni Forms
Alumni Forms

Alumni Form Templates for Notion users

NoteForms offers alumni forms for Notion users. Ideal for alumni events, registrations, and surveys.

Graduation RSVP & Guest Registration Form

Effortlessly RSVP and register guests for your graduation ceremony with this connected Notion database form.

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Student Enrollment Application

Streamline student enrollment with this connected Notion database form for seamless application submissions.

Enrollment Forms +3Education Forms +2

Alumni Yearbook Form

Capture and preserve alumni memories with our Notion-connected Graduation Yearbook Submission Form.

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Alumni Collaboration Proposal Form

Submit proposals for alumni research collaborations directly to your Notion database with our Alumni Research Collaboration Proposal Form.

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Alumni Submission Form

Capture and showcase alumni memories with our connected Notion database through our Alumni Photo and Story Submission Form.

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Alumni Awards Nomination Form

Nominate outstanding alumni for awards through this seamless Notion-connected form.

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Alumni Transcript Request Form Template

Request official academic transcripts from alumni through this connected Notion database form.

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Alumni Travel Interest Survey

Easily gather and organize alumni travel interests with this connected Notion form template for seamless trip planning.

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Alumni Volunteer Sign-Up Template

Connect with alumni volunteers seamlessly and collect their information directly into your Notion database with our Alumni Volunteer Sign-Up Form template.

Volunteer Forms +3Alumni Forms +3

Alumni Reunion RSVP & Information Form

Easily gather RSVPs and important information for your alumni reunion directly into your Notion database with our Alumni Reunion RSVP and Information Form template.

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Alumni Membership Renewal Form

Easily renew your Alumni Association membership with this Notion-connected form.

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Alumni Job Postings

Submit job postings for alumni directly to your Notion database with this connected form.

Employment Forms +3Alumni Forms +3

Alumni Chapter Registration Template

Connect with your regional alumni group effortlessly with our Alumni Chapter Registration Form, seamlessly linked to your Notion database.

Registration Forms +3Alumni Forms +3

Alumni Newsletter Subscription

Stay connected with your alumni community by using our Alumni Newsletter Subscription Form, seamlessly integrated with your Notion database.

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Alumni Testimonial Form

Easily submit alumni testimonials directly to your Notion database with our connected "Alumni Testimonial Submission Form".

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Alumni Career Survey

Gather valuable insights on alumni career development with this Notion-integrated survey template.

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Alumni Donation & Fundraising Form

Easily collect alumni donations and manage fundraising efforts with this connected Notion database form template.

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Alumni Mentorship Application

Apply for the Alumni Mentorship Program and connect directly to a Notion database with this concise and efficient online application form by NoteForms.

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Alumni Scholarship Application

Apply for an Alumni Scholarship through this connected Notion database form.

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Alumni Feedback & Suggestions Survey

Gather valuable feedback and suggestions from alumni with this Notion-connected form template for an Alumni Survey.

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Alumni Event Registration

Effortlessly register for alumni events and seamlessly manage attendees in your Notion database with our Alumni Event Registration Form.

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Alumni Contact Update Form

Update and maintain alumni contact information seamlessly with this Notion-connected form template.

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Alumni Employment Survey Template

Collect valuable employment data from alumni directly into your Notion database with our Alumni Employment Survey template.

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Alumni Registration Form

Capture details and stay connected with your alumni through this Notion-integrated registration form.

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Alumni Meeting Attendance Form: Streamline Event Organization

Effortlessly track college alumni meeting attendance with this connected Notion database form template.

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Alumni forms are essential for maintaining a strong alumni network, and if you're a Notion user, NoteForms is a perfect choice. Our forms are perfect for capturing alumni details, event registrations, conducting surveys, and more. They are customizable and easy to use. The best part? All submissions are directly stored in your Notion databases, ensuring a seamless integration with your current processes. You can start with a fresh form or choose from our assortment of alumni form samples. Customize your alumni form template with our variety of themes, apps, and widgets. Choose NoteForms for your alumni forms and see the difference it makes in your alumni relations!