Human Resources Forms
Human Resources Forms

HR Form Templates for Notion Users

Explore HR forms like employee evaluations, application forms & more at NoteForms. Directly stored in your Notion databases.

Accident Report Template

Effortlessly collect accident reports and seamlessly store them in your Notion database with this connected Accident Report Form template.

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Policyholder Update Form Template

Easily update policyholder information and seamlessly sync it to your Notion database with our Policyholder Information Update Form.

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IT Asset Inventory Update

Efficiently update and manage your IT asset inventory with this connected Notion form.

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Network Access Request Form

Effortlessly request network access and seamlessly manage submissions within your Notion database using our connected Network Access Request Form.

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IT Equipment Loan Request Form

Effortlessly request IT equipment loans with our connected Notion database form template.

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New Employee IT Setup Request Form

Streamline employee onboarding with our Notion-connected form for requesting IT setup.

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IT Helpdesk Ticket Submission Template

Easily submit IT helpdesk tickets directly to your Notion database with our connected form template.

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HR Policy Acknowledgment

An efficient and seamless HR Policy Acknowledgment Form synced with your Notion database for effortless compliance tracking.

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Employee Satisfaction Survey

Gather employee feedback and measure satisfaction with this connected Notion database survey template.

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Workplace Incident Report

Easily report workplace incidents and track them in your Notion database with our connected Workplace Incident Report Form template.

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Employee Exit Interview Form

Collect valuable feedback from departing employees with our connected Employee Exit Interview Form for Notion users.

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Training Needs Assessment Form

Streamline training and development initiatives with our Notion-connected form, allowing you to assess individual needs in a structured and efficient manner.

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Employee Benefits Enrollment

Streamline employee benefits enrollment with our connected Notion database form template.

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Employee Performance Appraisal Template

Effortlessly evaluate employee performance and store appraisal data in your Notion database with our connected Employee Performance Appraisal Form template.

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Leave Request Form Template

Effortlessly request time off with our Leave Request Form, seamlessly integrated with Notion for efficient tracking and management.

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Patient Feedback Form

Collect feedback from patients to measure their satisfaction with our healthcare services directly into your Notion database with this Patient Satisfaction Survey form template.

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Patient Registration Template

Effortlessly register patients and store their information in your Notion database with our connected Patient Registration Form template.

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Teacher Workshop Registration

Register for Teacher Professional Development Workshops and have submissions automatically organized in your Notion database.

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Course Evaluation Survey Template

Gain valuable feedback and insights from course participants with our Course Evaluation Survey, seamlessly integrated with your Notion database.

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Customer Update Form

Easily update customer information in Notion with this connected form template.

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Charitable Survey Evaluation

Easily evaluate and improve charitable programs with our connected Notion database through this concise survey form template.

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Beneficiary Assistance Application

Apply for beneficiary assistance directly in your Notion database with our connected "Beneficiary Assistance Application Form".

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Business Partnership Proposal

Streamline your business partnership proposals with this connected Notion form template.

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Leave Request Form Template

Streamline leave requests with our connected Notion database Leave Request Form.

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Performance Evaluation Template

Easily assess performance and track progress with our connected Notion database Performance Evaluation Form.

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Expense Reimbursement Form Template

Streamline expense reimbursements with our Notion-connected form, making it easy to track and manage financial claims.

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Job Application Form Template

Streamline your hiring process with our Job Application Form template that seamlessly connects to your Notion database.

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Employee Onboarding Form Template

Streamline employee onboarding with this connected Notion form, seamlessly capturing all necessary information.

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Direct Deposit Authorization Form Template

Effortlessly authorize direct deposit payments and seamlessly sync form submissions to your Notion database with our user-friendly NoteForms template.

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Alumni Job Postings

Submit job postings for alumni directly to your Notion database with this connected form.

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Alumni Career Survey

Gather valuable insights on alumni career development with this Notion-integrated survey template.

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Alumni Mentorship Application

Apply for the Alumni Mentorship Program and connect directly to a Notion database with this concise and efficient online application form by NoteForms.

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Alumni Contact Update Form

Update and maintain alumni contact information seamlessly with this Notion-connected form template.

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Alumni Registration Form

Capture details and stay connected with your alumni through this Notion-integrated registration form.

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Course Instructor Feedback Form

Utilize the Course Instructor Feedback Form to capture student views seamlessly into your Notion database, facilitating teachers with essential insights about their teaching efficacy.

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Human Resources (HR) forms are an integral part of an effective HR department. From employee evaluations to application forms, collecting and managing this information can be overwhelming without the right tools. That's where NoteForms helps. Our HR form templates are designed not only to help streamline your HR processes but also keep your data organized in your Notion databases. Whether you are conducting interviews, processing new hires, or managing employee performance, we have a form for you. We integrate seamlessly with Notion, so there is no deviation from your current processes. Our form builder also allows for extensive customization, so you can create a form that fits your organization's specific needs. Try one of our HR form templates today, and experience the ease of form management with NoteForms!